Tuesday, 11 September 2012

PIXI Natural Brow Duo

A little while ago I saw this pop up on a blog for review before its launch date and I was immediately intrigued! I'm really picky with brow products, I don't like them too dark or too creamy, just right. When I saw the PIXI Natural Brow Duo I thought it looked like such a good little product as it includes the waxy slanted pencil and the tinted gel in what looked like my perfect shade!

I really love the packaging, it's non offensive and cute so what more could you ask for! I especially like the picture of the product on the side of the box, it's a cute touch! The pencil side of the product is super easy to use and on my medium brown coloured brows gives a really natural but defined look to my brows, the colour is perfect for me which is that added bonus! The slant in the product also makes it that little bit easier and quicker to apply. The gel side is lovely too, it slicks my brows into place with minimal effort whilst adding extra texture and definition to my brows, love it!

Overall I think this is an absolute make up bag essential, especially if like me you love your groomed brows and use both pencil and gel. I love getting out of my make up bag to use as I find it to be such a cool little product and really exciting to use (I know how sad!). Unfortunately this product only comes in one shade of medium brown for the time being. I really do hope they bring out more shades as I would love to venture into a darker one too! I'm pretty sure there's probably been other brands that have brought out similar if not the same products but for now I'm excited for this!

Lots of love, Caterina xo


  1. This is so cute! The form of the pen is ergonomic and i think is easy to use! I love it!

    Kiss Erica!

  2. I got this today with my ASOS order and I was worried about the color...I have almost black eyebrows, but this surprisingly works!it's a bit expensive (same price as the Anastasia brow wiz) but I was sold as soon as I found out it had 2 products in one!As an eyebrow freak, I love to have this baby in my everyday makeup bag!

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