Monday, 30 January 2012

The BIG Review: Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer

 Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer £28.00 @ House Of Fraser

One of the things Laura Mercier is most famous for is their variety of primers. All skin types from Oily-Super Dry can have their perfect primer. I opted for the "Oil Free" primer targeted at Combination/Oily skin. My skin is combination I have an oily t-zone but my cheeks are pretty much normal, sometimes my skin is oilier other times it's more normal/dry. So I knew this would have to be the one for me. I have gone back and forth from counter to counter trying to decide whether to purchase one or not. It is an extremely expensive, high end make up product. Coming up at almost £30 it's definitely one you'll have to think about before purchasing. 

My main problem is my make up slipping off my face. I work 9-5 Monday-Friday and like to keep my slap in tack! So I have always opted for primer but hadn't quite found the one for me. I apply this to my skin using my fingers mainly concentrating on the t-zone area but adding a little bit to my cheeks. I then buff my foundation over the top.

My first impression of this primer wasn't so great, I honestly thought it had broken me out. I had gone from having spot clear skin to having sore break outs on my chin and forehead area, it really angered me that I have just spent £30 on a product that had broken me out! At the time I had incorporated a few new products into my skin care routine so I had a break from all the new products and started using using each product individually. I then realised it was I'm fact not the primer but just stress/hormonal spots. It did however put me off using it for a while.

I got into the full swing of using it about a week ago and have absolutely fallen in love with it. I love how it glides onto the skin and doesn't leave that awful silicone/greasy feeling on the skin, it just sinks in really nicely.

I've tried this with a few different foundations. I started using it with my go-to Illamasqua Skin Base and loved how it allowed the foundation to buff in effortlessly. I found that Skin Base lasted me that little extra and I was left with no oily patches on my skin. I also tried the primer with Chanel Pro Lumiere which I have a love/hate relationship with! I love the finish it gives, it's gorgeous however the staying power isn't too great on my skin so it could never be incorporated into my everyday routine. It last maximum of 4-5 hours in my skin before going oily and patchy. I popped the primer on before and then applied the Pro Lumiere before a full day at work. The foundation lasted a LOT longer on my skin, practically the full day but with slight oiliness but I can deal with that as the coverage remained.

Overall I am extremely impressed with this Primer and it has wiggled its way into my everyday routine. The price is mental and definitely something to bare in mind. If your on a budget this would be a nice treat but other good drugstore primers I have found are the L'Oreal Studio Secrets ones which I swore by until now! I'd definitely say give it a go, Laura Mercier do nice samples so you can try an array of there primers before buying.

Hope you enjoyed this mammoth post!
Lots of love, Caterina xo


  1. I've used this primer for a year and I always go back to it, it is quite expensive but you really do get what you pay for. :-)

  2. I swear I can't get enough of laura mercier's products. I love this and their silk creme foundation, it's amazing!