Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lush POW WOW Lip Scrub

POW WOW Lip Scrub £4.95 @ Lush

Lush is a place I wished I owned more from but when finding the time to buy from there get overwhelmed by choice! After hearing so many good things about their Bubblegum lip scrub I was excited to open the "POW WOW" as a Christmas gift from a friend.

When first opening the small tub you instantly smell limes, which I love! It's such a fresh and sense awakening smell but not crazily offensive at the same time. One thing that definitely intrigued me on the label was "deliciously verdent popping candy lip scrub". That's right it contains popping candy! All you simply have to do is scrape out a tiny amount of the scrub, buff it into the lips then lick it off. My lips were left smooth and free of flaking and dry patches, the scrub had given me a perfect base to apply lipstick without greasy residue. Now the obvious exciting thing about this is the popping candy and boy does it pop! I've had a little obsession with popping candy chocolate recently and this just tipped it over the edge!

I would definitely recommenced the POW WOW lip scrub it really is a great product for me and then the popping candy is just an added bonus. My favorite aspect is the fact that you can get an instantly smooth base for lip products without having a greasy residue which products such as Vaseline sometimes leave.

Lots of love, Caterina xo


  1. Thats it! Have to buy it! I suffer from such dry lips and this would work wonders for me (i hope). I need it basically ahah!

  2. The popping candy in this sounds amazing! I'd love to try it, although the colour does put me off a little xx

    1. The colour doesn't transfer on the lips if that helps :)

  3. This looks so cool, heard so many things about thos scrub! really need to try it xx

  4. Great blog I'm following :) I hope you will follow back


  5. absolutely love that stuff, just want to eat it all though.. x