Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rdeken Real Control Intense Renewal Hair Mask

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Hair Mark £16.24 @ Gorgeous Shop

Redken Real Control allows you to nourish, restore and reclaim control of your dense, dry, sensitised hair with this full range of texture-transforming products.

I purchased this hair mask after having my hair done at my regular salon which stocks Redken products. I trust what products my stylist recommends as in the past she has recommended me some real wonders for my hair. When I asked her what she would recommenced she immediately said something that would A. Put protein back in my hair & B. Nourish and condition. That's when she pointed me in the direction of the Redken "Real Control" range.

I have never tried anything from this range until now. I have used products from Redken's "Extreme" range and "All Soft" range but I hadn't even heard of "Real Control". When I scanned the decription on the tub I immediately thought "Yes thats the one for me"! My hair isn't in the best state. Just over a year ago I went from dark brown to caramel blonde overnight, which involved a hell of a lot of bleaching and dying. My hair actually wasn't left feeling too bad but then I went Platinum, which meant more bleach and my hair just gave in! Now most of hair has grown out but I do still get it colored professionally so I need the nourishment.

FINALLY on to the product. I apply a palm size amount from the mid lengths-ends after shampooing then leave it in my hair for 20 minutes +. Sometimes I will leave it in for over an hour it completely depends on how much time I have and how lazy I'm being! The consistency is really thick like most masks and it smells divine. I then will thoroughly rinse the product from my hair and then go onto blow drying or leaving my hair to air dry.  

I am left with my hair feeling super silky soft and frizz free. My hair can be quite coarse sometimes and this just completely smooths it down. I've also found that the more I've used this mask the more the condition of my hair has improved, which is exactly what I want. I hate hair masks which are purely quick shine coating fixes, I look for something that actually does something!
Yes this does come quite pricey but I honestly think it's completely worth it and has really made me want to try more from the "Real Control" range.

Lots of love, Caterina xo

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  1. Sounds amazing, i always love my hair feeling soft and silky and healthy. I have a more affordable one, but im open to try new things.
    Im a little apprehensive about the price though...