Monday, 28 May 2012

Bioderma Sebium Micelle Solution Combination Or Oily Skin

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Ever since it was discovered that Bioderma could be purchased from UK sellers on eBay it has taken over the UK blogging community! Bioderma is a water like Micelle Solution cleanser which eats away your make up (not literally!!) instead of smearing it all over your face. I've tried the regular solution and really enjoyed using it so I thought I'd give the Combination/Oily skin one a whirl.

I really enjoy using Bioderma as a make up remover, it's so quick and simple with minimal fuss required. I find it removes my eye make up in seconds and my face make up disappears in one swipe. I mainly wear powder on my eyes though so if your a liquid eyeliner lover it may be a different story. I tried using the Bioderma Sebium as a cleanser and if I'm honest after about 3 days I was begging for my Origins Zero Oil (holy grail) cleanser back! I really didn't find it did a lot and even though it was super quick and easy in the morning I found by the end of the day my skin felt more on the greasy side and spots were occurring... not a good look! One extra thing to note is that I found this one to have a scent which the regular Bioderma does not have. It smells like the Garnier Summer Body Tanning Moisturizer, that really "holiday" like scent.

Overall I would really recommend the Bioderma, although the Combo/Oily skin version is definitely not a must. I've found that Bioderma only works as a make up remover for me and thats as far as it goes. I wish it worked as a cleanser because it's so quick and easy! It is on the pricier side compared to your regular Boots/Superdrug make up remover but I do prefer it. I find regular make up rmeovers leave my skin quite tight and sensitive however this glides on nicely gets the job done leaving my skin smooth.

Hope you're well!
Caterina xo

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  1. I've just caved and bought the Bioderma solution in the pink bottle and I'm really enjoying it...I didn't know there was a combo/oily option available but after reading your review I think I'll stick with the one I have :)