Thursday, 14 April 2011

Want List: Topshop

Recently I've found myself snooping through the Topshop website a lot more than normal. The clothes that they are bringing out at the moment are right up my street! Especially the dresses (hence why this post is mostly dresses). So I thought I'd make a "want list" I usually go on massive shopping sprees spending hundreds on clothes then afterwords looking at there online store thinking "WHY DIDN'T I BUY THAT INSTEAD" but it's too late I've taken the label off and worn it!
From left to right-
Mint Sleeveless Bow Detail Tunic: I absolutely adore this! It's something I can wear now and in summertime! It's definitely got that girly, cutesy edge to it. I can imagine wearing it with a cream colored cardigan and possibly a pair of cream brogues? Whatever it's warn with it will be cute!
USA Print Dungaree Print Dress: I've become obsessed with anything with the American flag on it! I think dungarees are something we will forever be wearing throughout spring/summer. What I love about this is I can throw on a pair of tights with it and I'm good to go, no need to accessorize.
Grecian Chiffon Dress: Definitely my new evening dress! I absolutely love this it looks light and elegant something I could wear going out for lunch in the day or to glam up in the evening. 
Apricot Lace Hem Blouson Tunic: I went into Topshop the other day with the intention of buying this dress but just my luck they didn't have it in my size! This is my favorite out of these six choices. I love the color, the fabric and the detailing.
Yellow Spot Pussybow Short Sleeve Blouse: I adore pussybow fronts I think they look really classy. I think this will look lovely with a pair of denim shorts and wooly tights, something that will be colorful yet casually cute!
Burgundy Long Sleeve Blouse: Burgundy is one of my all time favorite colors. I just love it and I have been looking for a burgundy blouse for absolutely ages and now I've finally found one you can 100% guarantee this will be in my arms when I'm next in Topshop! I love the low cut I think it will look lovely with a cream/oaty colored vest underneath and a statement necklace.


  1. i love the 1st one! mint green is always the most special one! :)

    dejoiss ♥

  2. Great choices, I want them all haha :) x

  3. i want them all tooo...great choices.
    the dress on the bottom left is precious! buy it! x

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  4. I love the burgandy sheer blouse... would be nice in different colours xx