Friday, 15 April 2011

Weekly Ramble: Week 01

A lot of bloggers seem to do this sort of thing, where you post a photo of yourself and what you've been up to on a certain day. I think it's better for me to do on a random day as I'm so forgetfull/silly I'd probably miss the day haha! 

The past week hasn't been too interesting I finally sorted my hair out and dip dyed which is talked about in a post below. I'm super excited to see my boyfriend in a week as he's staying for almost 3 weeks! I love it when he stays for long periods of time it may sound sad but it feels like we're officially living together haha! The thing is my boyfriend lives in Surrey and I live in Hertfordshire which makes us roughly 60 miles apart! So there can be times where we don't see each other for 3 weeks straight which is terrible but thankfully not too often. Next Tuesday will be our official 1 year anniversary and I honestly cannot believe how fast time has passed it only feels like yesterday when he would drive down to my house and I would run out to him to give him a hug!

I'm really beginning to get frustrated with the fact I don't have a job yet. I'm doing the MUSE London course in make up in June and really REALLY want/need to get a job at a counter but I'm petrified at how hard it may be. If I don't have a job by July time I think I will actually begin crying myself to sleep haha! I just need a job and I'm sick of sending off endless applications and getting zero back! Next week before my boyfriend gets here I might pop into a local town and ask if they have any jobs available in New Look because they state on their twitter that you must go in store to apply for shop assistant jobs!

I'm new this whole "blogging" thing! I hope the posts I'm doing are relatively interesting haha! I do have a Tumblr but I guess this is a bit more of a serious blog? I'm not sure! But anyway I appreciate you reading as I am new and hopefully my posts will be useful for some of you!


  1. cute post! and your makeup looks lovely - as does your hair


  2. Such a pretty photo - and I actually love love love your hair! Your blog is really good for starting out, when I started back in november, mine was diabolical - I've even recently deleted my old old posts haha. I wanted to follow but couldn't find the follow button!
    Shope. xxx

  3. Keep your head up high, you will find a job. Just believe in it and try as hard as you can, then it will happen.

    I wish you the best of luck,

  4. Thank you so much for such a supportive comment really made me smile :) xxxx