Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pointless GIF, Update, MUSE London & This Blog!

*Insert fabulous pointless GIF of Caterina laughing here*

From today onwards I am fully getting into blogging. I absolutely love it and I now know I have time to do it! I know what sort of things I want to put on this blog now and it's really exciting! I'm going to start doing outfit posts PROPERLY on my camera which I will start with my first one tomorrow! I also really want to include products reviews too and maybe get into the "Monthly Favorites" things, I did a May favorites and really enjoyed doing it but they can be very image/ramble heavy! I may come up with a schedule at a later date I'm gonna just see how it goes in the mean time and what is liked/disliked!

 Last month I completed my MUSE London make up artistry course! I could not recommenced going there more! I felt so at home on the course at met some of loveliest people I've met in my life to date! I can honestly day Nicci Jackson became one of my biggest life inspirations over night. Not only is she a fabulous make up artist but she's an incredible person and if she read this she would tell me to not put on a pedestal, but she literally made me feel so good about myself and made me think that everything in my life so far has been for a reason and not to let others make me think otherwise!

I've also dyed my hair back to dark brown, after slaving away with the bottles of bleach I became bored and missed my chocolate locks! In this photo my hair is the stage between blonde and brown when I wasn't too sure so only went a darker blonde.

Apart from that nothing too interesting has gone down! I've just been looking for a job and helping out around the house! I'm really feeling the summer time now which is great and cannot wait for my friends to officially break up from college!

Anyway I'll speak to you all soon and see you with an outfit post tomorrow! Bye :) xo

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