Thursday, 15 September 2011

My Day In Instgram (Well not really).

(I know the quality of the second one is terrible! But I had to use my front cam.)

I know this really isn't a "day in the life" post but I was really stuck on a title! Yesterday I got a call from an office job I applied for during the week and today I had my interview and about an hour-hour and a half ago I got a call saying I got the job! I'm so ecstatic because I've been searching for such a long time now and finally have been given a break! I'm on top of the moon! 

The first photo was taken after my interview and I fancied some lunch! It's a Caramel Macchiato which is my favorite when I want something sweet! I had a cheese & tuna panini too which I've had before, it's kind of my last resort if they don't have the breakfast panini or ham and cheese toasties! None the less it was nice. I do actually really like Starbucks food even if it is stupidly overpriced! 

The second photo wasn't taken that long ago before I started writing this! I really fancied doing a BLACK smokey eye, I emphasize black as I didn't want it to be gradient effect between white, gray than black. I wanted a white & black only. I'm pleased with and may even wear it tomorrow! I got through moods of thing anything other than Woodwinked or Amber Lights from MAC don't suit me, then I really fancey someting dark and dare I say it "sophisticated"! 

I know it's early days but I've already started my wish list for pay day (hehe I have a pay day)! I definitely want some new clothes and DEFINITELY a Chanel foundation finally. I still am not sure which one, I'm thinking Vitalumiere Aqua as I've been loving light coverage recently. If you've tried one let me know, I like ANY coverage from light-full and I like it to last long and possibly not a totally matte finish. 

Thank you for reading, hope you're all well!

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