Monday, 12 September 2011

Perfect Winged Eyeliner For Beginners.

 I came across a really handy tip whilst doing my make up course and thought it would be perfect for those of you who struggle with winged eyeliner. Winged liner is something very classic that instantly glam up your make up. So here is my step by step guide on creating an easy wing! Or you can check out my youtube video on it here.

♡You Will Need♡
A Flat Shader Brush (I used one from Crown this step is completely optional).
A neutral eyeshadow to even out the lid (Again this is optional I used MAC Naked Lunch).
A Kohl Pencil eyeliner (I used bareMinerals Big & Bright).
A Gel or Liquid eyeliner (I used MAC'S Blacktrack Fluidline).
A pointed eyeliner brush (I used a Charles Fox one).
An angled eyeliner brush (I used ELF's Studio one).

♡Step One(Optional)♡
Apply your all over lid eyeshadow colour. For this I like to use sades like Naked Lunch, Ricepaper or Nylon from MAC. This will just neutralize the lid.

♡Step Two♡
Take your kohl pencil and start to map out where you want your eyeliner to go. Start off by going along the lash line and making that line as thick as you want, then begin to map out your wing. A good trip is to imagine your extending your lower lash line, then connect the point of the wing with the line along the lash line, this is what gives the real "Cat Eye" effect. 

♡Step Three♡
Now take your pointed eyeliner brush and put a nice amount of your gel/liquid eyeliner on it. Now start to apply the liner over the top of the line you created, pull your eye taught if you find it difficult to have control with your eye open. Do this until the Kohl is completely covered by gel/liquid along the lash line.

♡Step Four♡
 Now it's time to do your wing. A way to make this easier is to take an angled brush and bring it down from the tip of your wing. This will make it sharp and the shape of the brush is doing all the work for you. If you prefer carry on using the pointed liner brush, it's completely up to you!

♡Step Five♡
Your wing is now done, yaaaaaay! If some of the edges are a little rough take an angled brush with some concealer, apply the concealer to the edges and pat in to create a sharp wing.

So thats it, you've successfully done winged eyeliner! I hope this was useful for some of you who struggle with it. Thanks for reading and hope you've had/having a nice day.

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