Sunday, 11 September 2011

Update: Dark Brown Hair, Hair Garlands, YouTube & Nandos!

Life as always hasn't been that interesting! I dyed my hair back to dark brown a few weeks ago and I'm now really started to miss the blonde! But I've promised myself I'm not going near a bottle of peroxide until my hair has grown to a length I really like, then I will take a trip to the hairdressers and we'll see from there!

I've started making my own hair garlands on eBay and got an exciting email from a women asking if I could make 50 for a party for her! I was thrilled that they liked them so much that they wanted 50, felt like a proper business women for a second haha! It was really rewarding, and my next couple of days is going to be corrupted by garland making!

I have made a youtube account and started doing videos, I am so nervous about it all, that feeling of whether people are watching saying to themselves "GOD THIS IS BORING"! My youtube username is caterinaamariaa.

I want to take a moment to note how disapointed I was in my trip to Nandos last week. I'm a BIG Nandos lover and probably have at least 2 a month. Last week I went to one I had never been to and the service was TERRIBLE! If you have visited Nandos before you'll know they're as fast as Mc Donalds, they always get the food out in record timing. However this Nandos had a seeriously backed up kitchen (we were sat infront of it) and only one women serving! ONE! Some of the staff decided mid way through cleaning a table to have a sit down. When our food did get to us after what seemed like an eternity it was a little on the cold side, nothing not edible but still cold! I was very disapointed as my boyfriend regularly visits this particular Nandos and says the service is always fast and fantastic. Although saying all this doesn't take away my un dying love for the restaurant.

Hope you're all well and have a really nice Sunday!

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  1. I think your hair looks really nice this colour! And being darker is so much healthier for your hair - speaking as someone who has suffered major hair snappage at the hands of bleach