Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Laura Mercier Luster Eyeshadow In Dusk

Laura Mercier Luster Eye Colour In Dusk @ John Lewis £18.50

In my recent "What I Bought" post I featured this gorgeous little eyeshadow after falling in love with it at the counter. Laura Mercier wasn't really a brand which excited me until recently when I bought there loose powder and fell in love! The first thing that drew me to this eyeshadow was the colour and the fact it was called a "luster" shadow. I absolutely love MAC luster finishes as they are super sparkly (which unfortunately comes at a price with the fall out!). I really wanted to see how the two compared.

I apply this to my lid usually using a MAC 239 or if I'm going for a more subtle "blendy blendy" look I'll use a Sigma E35. The eyeshadow is really nicely pigmented and transfers well on the lid. The colour just looks to die for and makes my green eyes stand out really well. The eyeshadow itself is very soft to touch not quite as buttery feeling as NARS but a close runner up! Some people find purples quite scary and hard to work with on the eye but I love a purple smokey eye and this makes a great all over lid base colour. 

Compared to MAC's luster finish shadows these are hardly as sparkly or chunky. The eyeshadow is what I would call "shimmery" it doesn't have visible glitter particles but still gives a nice sheen to the eye. My favorite way to wear this is with a bit of espresso blended through the crease or just with lots of mascara to create a really pretty "doll like" eye. 
The price might put some people off for a single eyeshadow, but they do have some really nice, eye catching shades. I would call this a nice every now and then treat for when I feel like buying a nice new eyeshadow.

Hope your all well.
Lots of love, Caterina xo


  1. This is a gorgeous colour, I bet it looks amazing on! xx

  2. i've never actually thought about buying a laura mercier eyeshadow but i might have to run into john lewis to take a look next time i'm in town. this looks so pretty! love your blog, too :) following!