Wednesday, 11 April 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner

John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner £5.99 @ Boots

I am a complete hair care obsessive! If something is on the radar that is claiming to work miracles I need to own it! When the new John Frieda line came out I knew I had to trial the products. I have already done a review on the Deep Infusion Ends Treatment which I really love using! The other product I picked up was the mask which claims to restore my over processed hair.

My hair has been bleached, dyed and heat damaged so it needs a treat. I use hair masks sometimes 2-3 times a week which may seem mental but I have CRAZY thick hair so it can handle it. The Full Repair mask is thick but rather runny in constancy which is new for a mask. I really loved the results, my hair was left so silky even silkier than when I use my Moroccan Oil mask (10x the price!). It's so easy to manage and style, just a real dream to work with. My ends look replenished and my hair looks no where near as damaged as it should!

I really am impressed with the new John Frieda Full Repair line and can see myself repurchasing and purchasing more products! I have my eye on the styling spray next! If your on a budget but want some really great quality products if definitely head for this range.

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Caterina xo

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  1. The John Frieda range is getting really good lately, i've bought some products that i'm impressed with too! Dying to try out the Full Repair range. great post :) X x