Wednesday, 16 May 2012

i-Melt iPhone Cover

eBay £2.95

This post is kind of random and completely not the thing I would usually post on here but I just had to share my new iPhone cover- the i-Melt! I had a Cath Kidston knock off one before this which really didn't float my boat and most of the detailing scratched off! I really wanted a 3D cover but I really wasn't willing to pay more than £10 for a cover so I was ecstatic when I found this gorgeous one for £2.95!The i-Melt cover comes in various colours I chose the typical girly baby pink and white but I also really like the grey and black one! I love how it continues to melt at the front, it's a really cute idea! The cover clicks really easily into place and feels really sturdy and I couldn't see it breaking easily.

I think this is great if your looking for an affordable chick cover! You can buy it shipped over from Japan but there are also UK sellers out there it's just not as cheap. I also think this would be great as an extra little gift for someone for a birthday, cheap and cheerful!

Hope you're well!
Caterina xo


  1. So cute!! And so cheap, love it :)

  2. It looks awesome! I would definitely get it if I had an iPhone. :)