Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Caudalie Beauty Elixer

Caudalie Beauty Elixer 100ml @ FeelUnique.com £28.80
(excuse the yellow looking oil in the bottle, I didn't shake it up before photographing!)

When it comes to the Caudalie Beauty Elixer I feel like I woke up one day having never heard of the product and the next day BOOM it is bloody everywhere! Unless you have literally been hiding under a rock over the past couple of weeks you will know full well about this big beauty buzz product.  I've dabbled in a few Caudalie samples such as the body and face moisturizers but never actually purchased a product from them till now, and how could I not with all this hype?! I purchased it from Space NK a few weeks back and remember bringing it home and thinking wait a second what does this actually do? I journeyed back in my brain trying to remember why I bought it and all I could think of was "the smell is amazing" and at £32 (Space NK price) and this not being a perfume thats a bit of mental splurge. So again for this review after using the product for around a month I ask myself "what does it actually do"?

The product sprays out in a lovely fine mist which sinks into the sink immediately unlike some water gun spritzing toners! I use the product kind of like a toner, after my cleanser but before my moisturizer and if I feel my make up looks a little cakey I'll spritz some on my face. I do have to note the smell, it's amazing! It really instantly makes you feel relaxed and calm  and like all you want to do is smell it. After the product has sinked in I feel instantly more awake and rejuvenated and my skin appears so much fresher and in a way enhanced? The skin is left soft and supple before moisturizer. Ever since I started using this I've had nothing but compliments on my skin. My mum of all people just doesn't shut up about it! It looks super healthy and alive, no more sleepy skin days! Not only that but I haven't found myself with break outs and the tiny pimples that re occur on my chin are not existent which is amazing considering they haven't been since I went on a tinted moisturizer over foundation kick in the summer. I even feel where my skin is slightly more red it has calmed down, the product has just overall improved my skin in every way possible, never did I think I would receive compliments on my foundation-less skin! I also like to spray the product when my foundation or powder is looking a little heavy to give it a more fresh look.

So it really does seem that the mental investment was worth it! I am beyond pleased with the product and would repurchase in a heart beat, I can really see why it's taken the blogging world by storm. The product does come in a smaller bottle if you don't think the plunge of the 100ml is quite worth it, the cheapest I've found it is at FeelUnique.com (linked above). 

Thanks for reading!
Caterina xo


  1. Every review I hear I want it more and more! Why must I be skint! xx

  2. I really want to try this, but I'm already using the simple Moisture Mist, which does the same thing minus the spot preventing qualities. Think I might have to give this a try though as you've actually convinced me! x

    1. Ooo I've not heard of the Simple one, would be interesting to try that after using this!
      I really was unsure whether to purchase this now I have I honestly could not, not have it!