Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sorry :(


Hey guys so I just wanted to say a big sorry for not posting as much! If you live in the UK you'll know theirs been so many bank holidays going on recently and the weather has been fabulous so I've been soaking it up. Plus my boyfriend arrived on Wednesday and we've been spending lots of time together he's currently out buying me dominoes cookies!

I thought I'd do this post on how I'm pondering over my next hair color. I'm considering a dark blonde ombreing into light blonde so kind of dark blonde dip dyed light blonde! I got a lust for it looking at this photo of Lauren Conrad:

I fell in love with the fade and the color and little french plait! This whole style is what I want to be "rocking" (probably terribly) in summer 2011! But I'm going to keep my current hair a little longer till about June time I think, maybe a change for my birthday? I'm un decided all I know is I want ombre hair! But definitely dark blonde to light blonde as I don't wanna loose my oh so worked hard for blonde locks haha, this is because I'm a natural brunette!

Thanks for reading guys and again sorry for the lack of posts!


  1. That looks so cool! You should def change your hair to that!!

  2. I love that look! I just did it to mine, but I have dark brown hair and I dyed my tips red.

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    All the best!


  3. I love your hair now! I want to dip dye mine this summer. I'm thinking purple