Friday, 6 May 2011

I haven't made my bed for weeks

Sheer Top- Topshop
Vest Underneath- Primark
Shorts- H&M

So heres my second outfit of the day wooo! I love this outfit I think it's cute but very casual which is my favorite way to dress! I've been getting really down about my hair recently and yesterday almost spent money I don't even have on Color B4 and dark blonde foam dye, I am terrible! Has anyone ever used Color B4 on hair extensions? Thats what I'm planning on doing. I found my dream shade of dark blonde in L'Oreal Sublime Mousse- Pure Dark Blonde I love it but very skeptical on the whole "foam dye" thing. A girl I know had light brown hair with blonde highlights and bought a foam dye in a blonde color and it turned her hair black! I mean there is always the possibility when going blonde to be slightly ginger or brassy toned but never in my life have I heard someone dye their hair blonde and it go black! It may have just been a dodgy box but still thats terrible! I'd love to dye my hair one of the "Nice 'n' Easy" shades, they have a brilliant selection for blondes but nobody I know recommends them apparently the dye almost NEVER takes to the hair which I don't want to risk and end up spending more money! Oh the awkwardness of hair.


  1. preety outfit!
    hope your hair goes okay in the end :o)

  2. i adore those bottoms =]