Friday, 22 April 2011

Weekly Ramble: Week 02

Sorry the photos of my hair not my face! I explain why below :)
Vest- Primark £3

Not a lot has happened over the past week or so!  I went to see "Your Highness" on Wednesday and it was really good! A nice comedy and I knew I would like it as it's from the makers of Pineapple Express which is one of my favorite films. 

The reason the photo is of my hair and not my face is for those of you who didn't notice, I wear hair extensions! So the dip dye bit of my hair isn't actually my hair. For the first time the other day I washed my extensions since dip dying them. I was super scared the red would fade horribly and it would just turn gross! Thankfully though it didn't, If anything it made it look better! It's made the red look a bit more faded into father then kind of block color so it's a little more ombreish now. In real life the red actually looks like a dark fuchsia pink! When my new card reader arrives I'll take a proper photo so you can see the pinkness.

It was mine and my boyfriends one year anniversary on Tuesday and unfortunately we couldn't see each other and don't get to celebrate it till Wednesday when he comes up :(! I miss him so much but I'm keeping myself busy. 
Hope you're all doing well! And I may not have too many followers right now but I'd like to say I thank all of you for following me :)


  1. I just love hair extensions!! Congrats on your anniversary!

  2. love this top!!

    Helen, X

  3. Those hair extensions look absolutely gorgeous! I really like your top, too! Xx