Monday, 8 August 2011

New VO5 Adaptive Haircare Technology Shampoo & Conditioners Review

I have recently fallen head over heels in love with these new ranges from VO5. I have tried many different brands of Shampoo and Conditioner coming to an excess of £40 for both and I can honestly hand on heart say these are the best I've ever used. I use both the "Give Me Moisture" and "Nourish Me Truly" range as they are both for dry/damaged hair, my mum also uses the range for colour treated hair.
As you can see from this photo the products have "Adaptive Haircare Technology" which they then onto to explain on the back and say that the product adjust to how to damaged your hair is and what it needs. Each different range from these new products all have "Adaptive Haircare Technology".

I use the "Give Me Moisture" range whenever I feel my hair is feeling particularly dry and it really does work, the ends especially feel 10x better and are not dry at all. I also find that my hair can be a little coarse sometimes and this really tames it down.

I use the "Nourish Me Truly" range to give my hair a boost of shine and make it look radiant and full of life. My hair feels super manageable whenever I use these ones, And a lot more bouncy and for some reason has more body/volume? To summarize it makes it feel lush and full of vitality.

Both of the ranges honestly make my hair look/feel like I never touched a box of bleach or dye in my life! And it may be because my hair has been dyed back to brown but it seems to be growing like crazy?

I have to also just note how impressed I was with the fact each bottle contains so many essential oils. It really does boost your confidence when using the products, especially when you read blogs and everyone hypes about Argan Oil!

Two last things I'd like to note is that I love the bright hot pink packaging (even though it doesn't effect how the products work, it looks pretty and girly in my bathroom). And in many different places like boots, superdrug, tesco and sainsburys at the moment they are on buy one get one free! And a large bottle is only £2.99 so thats £2.99 spent on your new hair care routine, what a bargain.

For now until I possibly find something better I would give the new VO5 ranges I've tried a 5/5.

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