Monday, 8 August 2011

A Tiny Haul: St Tropez & Rimmel.

I went to my local small Boots after popping to the post office earlier and picked up two things I had been lusting after for ages and really wanted to give a go! Maybe it was unnecessary money spent but oh well, I'm happy!
The first thing was "St Tropez's Instant Glow Wash Off Body Lotion". It was discounted too which made me super happy! I've seen this mentioned before as a great tan "quick fix" so I was intrigued to see the results it would give. It only contains 150ml which is a bit stingy considering most tans contain about 400ml! I have seen other wash off tans before that seem to have less product though, maybe it's because you need less? We'll see! I've never used a wash off tan before so it's a nice little experiment for me, and I will do a review on here! The price was originally £12.26 but was reduced to £8.17 which totals a nice healthy saving of £4.09. I will be slapping this on my legs tonight so if you follow my Twitter, I'll probably tweet so of my initial thoughts on there!
Next up I picked up the "Rimmel Flash Eyeliner". I've been really getting into felt tip liners and kind of wanted to buy a couple to a little comparison! I do want to purchase the MAC Penultimate pen liner when I get round to it, but for now this is my starting point! I've heard some nifty reviews and couldn't believe how black it was for a felt liner that might I add in the shop wasn't stored upside down (this allows the product to run to the tip). I have a couple swatches on the back of my hand down and have given them a good rub and they haven't budged!
The tip is the longest tip I have ever seen on a felt liner! And it tapers so nicely and thin which makes me excited for winged liner! I just love the fact that when using a felt liner it's kind of "no fuss" as in it's very hard to make a mistake, you're literally drawing it on! As a girl who wears winged liner everyday this is very exciting! I will possibly report back on this too.

So thats my little haul! It's only two things but two things I've wanted for a while now so was mega excited to do a post on. All items were purchased from Boots.

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