Tuesday, 20 December 2011



I've always walked over to the "La Roche Posay" stand and picked things up with the intention to buy them then chickened out. I would usually decide that it was too unessential in my skin care routine or too expensive. Today this all changed! I again walked over to the stand and caught a glimpse of a "2 for £15" offer and immediately started scanning the products deciding what I wanted. La Roche Posay products usually retail for around the £13 mark so in my eyes this offer screams BARGAIN! 

I firstly picked up the Effaclar M Mattifying Moisturizer. This is a product I've eyed up for a while as it's quite raved about in the beauty world and I'll do anything to battle the oil/shine in my work days! It claims to give me a result of "smooth and matte, the skin is intensely moisturized. Day after day the pores are tightened and the skin recovers it's balance".  That's me sold! I will be using this over the next few days for work and when I've put it through it's paces will pop up a full review.

I was really struggling with the second product but the Effaclar K Daily Renewal Fluid For Oily Skin caught my eye after extensive browsing of the counter. This is a fluid you can apply to your face in the day or night time and it acts as a "perfect" make up base. I think I will be using this is the night time so it can work it's magic overnight. If I'm completely honest I'm not 100% sold on what it's meant to do. However I am excited to test it out, who knows it could be a new holy grail!

I would like just throw in a quick apology for the quality of these images. I really missed blogging and I have sold my Canon 20D so I can upgrade! So hopefully the quality will only be a temporary thing!

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  1. Ooh this an amazing offer I will definetly have to indulge in some goodies :)