Friday, 30 December 2011

Lumiere Sculptee De Chanel

Lumiere Sculptee De Chanel is available from Boots, House Of Fraser or Selfridges priced at £46.00

This Christmas Chanel brought out a lovely collection of really classic Christmas make up staples. Everything in the collection really shone out as "Christmas" to me.

After having a little scan over the collection I came across the "Lumiere Sculptee De Chanel", a beautifully designed highlighting powder for the face. The design which looks "carved" into the powder is inspired by a Baroque-Style jewellery belt worn by Mademoiselle Chanel. It was really is one of the most gorgeous looking make up products I own! I'm scared to use the product in fear of the beautiful design fading away.

The product is a soft ivory/peachy powder with a gorgeous veil of light running through it. There is a layer of rather heavy shimmer on the first layer of the product but once a brush has swept through it a few times, it's gone.

The result the product gives when applied to the skin is a lovely sculpted glow. My face definitely appears a lot more "sculpted" after using this product. It's not sparkly on the skin and doesn't leave any visible shimmer particles, just a gorgeous glow. I wouldn't say it leaves the skin "dewy" as such, when I think dewy I think slightly wet looking which this definitely does not do.

At £46.00 it is an expensive, luxury product. Would I say it's worth the money? I'm not sure. It purely depends on what you like in a higlighting product. I love the finish it leaves on my skin but others may crave that little extra dewyness. However I am glad to have it in my collection and it will be getting a lot of use.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love, Caterina xo

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