Monday, 5 March 2012

MAC Dervish Lip Pencil

I love lip pencils. I love how they make your lips look more plump and how versatile they are, a lot of people don't "get" them but I love them! I've owned MAC lip pencils before and I really get along with them, they are smooth and easy to apply and come in a really nice range of colours. "Dervish" was a shade I had lusted after for a while, it's a gorgeous mid tone rosy pink shade that allows your lips to look natural but enhanced. 

I bought this along with some purchases from the MAC Naturally Collection and surprisingly this left the limited edition products cast aside! It's great for during the week for work. I just softly run it over my lips and fill them in, you can use it just to line but I prefer lip pencils for all over lip application as they last long and are smooth. Dervish has slightly purple undertones which are surprisingly flattering (not a massive MAC snob fan!). I really love using this product, it's nothing crazily exciting like Process Magenta Chromagraphic Pencil but it's really enjoyable and easy to use/wear.

Hope you're well and thanks for reading!
Caterina xo

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  1. I love your blog :) that seems like such a great liner!