Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mulberry Rose Gold Hardware Plaster Pink Continental Wallet

 Mulberry Rose Gold Hardware Plaster Pink Continental Wallet

This definitely isn't something I will be regularly posting about! When I was searching high and low for a job 6 months ago I said once I got my break I would treat myself to something more luxury. If you look back on my previous posts I have reviewed a lot of high end beauty products but thats mainly down to the fact that I think if your going invest in a high end make up product you want to know it's going to work! That's why a lot of my reviews are high end as the product is more of an investment. 

I never got around to making my luxury purchase and it a way I put it off! I much preferred splurging in Primark or Topshop rather than on one item. Then yesterday me and my friend Rachel went to Westfields Stratford (my first time I much prefer the Shepherds Bush one!) and I made the big mistake of mentioning this purse to her and she dragged me to the Mulberry shop! As soon as I laid my eyes on it I fell in love. I'm an absolute rose gold junkie! Anything rose gold I NEED it in my life, so this was the ultimate beauty to me. I found the words "I'll take the rose gold purse" coming out of my mouth and before I knew I was walking out with the bag with the biggest smile on my face! The lady who served me was very sweet and asked if it was my first purchase and made it all a litttle extra special. 

I'm really pleased I treated myself, to some people this might be a bit too much this is something I will treasure forever. It kind of represents to me the end of my "stuck in a rut face" and kicking to the curb a lot of crap that happened in 2011! To some people there will be no way of me justifying this purchase but it was all with my own money and I'm pleased. 

I'm sorry this post hasn't really been me talking about the purse but you can find a little info here on the Harrods website. I hope you're all well and sorry for being a bit MIA recently but I am getting into the full swing of things this week and have got some exciting reviews to come! 

Thank you for reading!
Lots of love, Caterina xo

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  1. Its such a lovely colour and the quality looks amazing!