Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Current Favorite Eyeshadows

Clockwise- MUA Heaven & Earth Palette, MAC Ricepaper, MAC Woodwinked, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Satin Taupe, NARS Cyprus.

This post isn't full of new or exciting products pretty much just things you may have heard of before! I really wanted to talk about my favorite eyeshadow's at the moment as I am a real eyeshadow girl, I wear it everyday without fail! I'm mainly into warm toned golden or brown shades but I do love greys and purples too. These have been my go to eyeshadow's for the past few weeks and some of them combined are absolutely killer!

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette This is such an easy and affordable palette. I will generally reach for this when I'm in a rush as it's so easy to use and you can instantly find a perfect combo! I really love the gold in the palette (third from the left- top row) and prefer over Urban Decays Half Baked which is way more expensive! It's great for creating a warm toned smokey eye.

MAC Ricepaper This is a perfect all over lid colour and I've used it pretty much everyday since I purchased it. It looks really classic paired with just black winged liner.

MAC Woodwinked This is one of my old faithful eyeshadow's which I know suits me. It remains in my go to MAC quad for easy use. I just pop this on the outer corner with a bit of Ricepaper and BOOM I've got my perfect combo.

MAC All That Glitters I never really got the hype about this shadow until recently. When I first got it I kind of thought "Is that it?! The famous All That Glitter is rubbish"! It remained in my larger palette unused for quite some time until I whipped it out the other week when wanting a really natural eye. This eyeshadow looks gorgeous on it's own with lashings of mascara for effortless eye make up.

MAC Satin Taupe  I loved this shade when my hair was blonde but since going back darker I've barely reached for it until pairing it with MAC'S Soba eyeshadow. Soba and Satin Taupe create a perfect slightly darker more defined simple smokey eye.

NARS Cyprus As I said above I love golds and this eyeshadow just hits the spot! It's the perfect gold and is so buttery feeling. NARS eyeshadows are the best quality in my opinion and will never let you down. This shade looks gorgeous paired with Satin Taupe and doing my eyebrows a little stronger (for some reason).

So thats a a round up of my current eyeshadow loves, like I said I'm a bit of an eyeshadow junkie and I'm always trying out different eye looks but these shades have remained firmly to the front of my drawer for a long time.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Caterina xo


  1. I love allthatglitters over the lid and wood winked in the crease it looks so pretty :) xx

  2. MUA heaven and earth is my favourite. I use it every day and the colours are amazing.


  3. I just bought the MUA palette and have put it in my professional kit but might take it out and try it out :) I have mac woodwinked and all that glitters on my refill wishlist! x